About Larry Cwik – Artist, Photographer, Film-maker

Larry Cwik

I work on projects for long periods of time.  All five of my main photographic projects – The Visitor, Walking 1000 Miles Through Mexico, in which I have spent more than six months and 1000 miles walking and photographing throughout Mexico from 1983 to 2017; The Far North, Portrait of the Arctic; Totems; Morocco; and Industrial Districts – have  been going on simultaneously for more than 11 years.

I have been working on the Mexico project, obtaining images for it,  for most of my life.

Conceptually I am consistently drawn for all my projects to the themes of mystery, beauty, transfiguration, culture, and surrealism. I am not certain why but I am also consistently drawn to certain types of images. Sometimes my images are infused with sociopolitical commentary, other times not.

Always I strive for beauty in my work, and originality. Both are important to me, no matter if the image is photographic, color or black and white, or from my mind, as in a drawing.   Links to print interviews and a radio interview about my work are available for viewing by clicking the Interviews link at the top of the screen.

Most of my exhibits have been of photographic work. I also work in drawing, film, and occasionally in multi-media installations.  Born in West Virginia in 1959, I am primarily self-taught as an artist but have also taken classes in art and photography at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland Community College.   Art must be in my genes.   Not only was my dad an avid amateur photographer, active in a camera club during World War II, but one of my nieces is a gifted painter, and two of my mother’s sisters, my late aunts, were also professional artists.  They were painters who lived and worked in the southern United States.  I have been photographing since high school.  I decided to pursue art, and particularly photography, for my life in 1983.

All images are available for purchase. Purchase information and pricing is available by clicking on the Purchase button at the top right of the screen.   Art is wonderful for any home or office, or as a gift.  I guarantee satisfaction with all purchases of my work, as collected by the Portland Art Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Bank of America, Levi Strauss and Company, Legacy Health Systems, Regional Arts and Culture Council, and others.

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